Historical Activity List

Learning Thru Play

During the pandemic, live activities are suspended . . . . No worries, ONLINE options are in development !
The activities below are for informational purposes only. They are activities that were previously offered at The Storybook Studio for Kids, in a private activity space location. Some, or all of them may be offered at some time in the future. At this time, due to COVID-19, the studio is now developing ONLINE activities to support students who are studying remotely/virtually as well as homeschoolers and the general kid public.... Stay tuned

Girl with Autumn Leaf



Ages 8 - 12


Create, create, create !

Nature art, material crafts,  craft kits, model kits, organic crafts, coloring and more.

A fun snack is included.



Crafts, Color 
and Cupcakes
Happy Kids with Books


20 Minutes 

Ages 0 - 8


Every child enjoys a fun story or two ....

followed by a fun snack

Railroad Set
30 min Ages  1 - 4

Just for the little ones !

Learning thru play


Exploration and Imagination

A variety of activities

Toddler+ Time
Movie Night.jpg


1.5+ Hours 

Ages 1 to 12


Classic movies for kids

G Rated

and a snack

Movie Time
Legos and Kinex.jpg
STEM Challenge

1 Hour 

Ages 4 - 12

Building Materials for budding engineers. Legos, Kinex

and lots more  . . . Providing different strokes for different little & big folks.


Rubiks Cube.jpg
STEM Challenge
Puzzle Mania


1 Hour 

Ages 4 - 12

Flat puzzles, 3D Puzzles, Puzzles to design, Rubiks Cubes and more. A STEM  challenge option



Studio Creations

1.5 Hours Ages 8 - 12


Multimedia Creations

School Projects

Desktop Publishing

 Creative Videos


These tools are available

Mics, Computers, Backdrops

Lighting, Dress-up Costumes


By Appointment

Email OR call 909-681-5500

to schedule 

Girl Painter
Paint and Pizza

1 Hour

Ages 5 - 14

Kids publish their own ideas thru painting... Children are give a story or other prompt as a starter.

Individual easel, aprons and paint, followed by delicious pizza I



Kiwi 2.jpg
STEM Challenge 
Creations & Construction

1.5 Hours Ages 8 -14


Have fun with different

creative science activities  

It's a surprise every time !

Cute Girl in Classroom
Computer Creations


1 Hour Ages 8 - 12

  • Session A:   Basic MS Word for Kids

  • Session B:   Basic PowerPoint for Kids



  • User skills essential for school age success 



 Your wireless capable laptop is required

By Appointment 

Email OR call 909-681-5500

to schedule 

A Girl in a Classroom
Creative Writing

1 Hour Ages 8 - 12


of Reading & Writing Development

  • Session A:  Emergent, Early 

  • Session B:  Transitional, Fluent,  Extending



  • Pre-writing / Planning /Brainstorming

  • Drafting / Revising

  • Editing

  • Design a fun project based on your writing with: Multimedia, Drama, Art, Your Choice

By Appointment

Email OR call 909-681-5500

to schedule 


Smart Dog
Fun With Phonics

1 Hour Ages 3 - 5


of Reading & Writing Development

  • Session A:  EmergentEarly



  • Phonemic Fun With Dr. Seuss !

  • Progressive learning to read & write

  • Storytime

*Click the word-link to determine

you child's readiness for Session A or B

By Appointment

Email OR call 909-681-5500

to schedule 


Legos 4.jpg
LEGO® Math

1 Hour Ages 5 - 10

*Developmental Continuum for Math

  • Session A:  Pre-Conventional and Emerging

  • Session B:  Developing

  • Session C: Beginning and Expanding



  • Lego creations using mathematical concepts and operations

  • Numeracy

*Click the word-link above to determine

you child's readiness for Session A, B or C

By Appointment

Email OR call 909-681-5500

to schedule 


Piano keyboards
Music Math

1 Hour & 15 Minutes Ages 8 - 12

*Developmental Continuum for Math

Session A: Beginning, Expanding 



  • Reinforce basic mathematical operations (including fractions) thru music

*Click the word-link above to determine

you child's readiness for Session A or B

By Appointment 

Email OR call 909-681-5500

to schedule 

Diversity Kids Diverse Ages_edited.jpg
Healthy Kids

1 Hour 

Ages 8 - 16


Healthy kids means happy lives.

Choose a topic and schedule it.

Email if you'd like a brief curriculum description

  • Mindfulness

  • Child Safety

  • Drug Education

  • Healthy Eating

  • Personal Hygiene

  • Decision Making

  • Relationships

  • Social Etiquette

  • Get Organized 

By Appointment Only

Individual or Small Group