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Behavior Coaching For Kids and Parents
Guiding and supporting kids using individualized, evidence-based strategies
to add or improve positive behaviors or to eliminate or minimize
challenging behaviors

Instructional Coaching For Classroom Teachers
Coach and train teachers in the use of evidence-based, multi-tiered intervention
strategies to support positive classroom ma
nagement outcomes.

School Consultant:  Positive Behavior Interventions

Family Resources

How to become an Emotion Coach for your child

Behavior Management Coaching: Helping Parents  Step In 

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The coaching services at the Storybook Studio for Kids should not in any way be perceived as mental health therapy services. The Storybook Studio For Kids is not a mental health clinic and does not provide  "mental health clinician" services, as defined in the field of "clinical" therapy, i.e., counselor, psychologist, etc.  We are not pursuing any licensing to do so. That means, the owner does not provide medical advice or prescriptions; give diagnoses or treat any mental health illnesses. Rather, the objective of coaching in this business is to help kids, parents and teachers achieve positive behavior change, as needed within their respective environments. We use  a short-term,  individualized, systematic; evidence-based approach.  Behavior coaching and learner coaching qualifications can be reviewed in the "Owner" tab.  


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