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Our Philosophy
The studio programs are designed with the best interests of kids in mind through cognitive types of play activities as well as Kid Sessions that will support their healthy development. The general concept of The Storybook Studio is based partly on research-based studies published by renowned psychologists including: the developmental theories of Piaget; the constructivist theory of Bruner and the impact of social interaction, as described by Vgofsky. A variety of learning opportunities will be developed for all kids. Browse through our activities to see what might be offered. Note the age limits for each session topic.

Our Mission

Committed to Making a Difference In The Lives of Kids


The mission of the Storybook Studio for Kids is to provide learners with a safe, fun, and engaging environment for discovery, design and creativity through integrated science, technology, engineering, arts, math activities, literature and specialized behavior coaching. With small group hands-on discovery sessions, learners can develop healthy social skills as they “learn through play.”

Miss Dorene is committed to empowering children

of all backgrounds and abilities to reach their full potential.

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