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Miss Dorene

Owner / Founder

The Storybook Studio for Kids was founded in theory, many years ago by its owner, a child advocate, experienced educator and behavior specialist. Miss Dorene has been nurturing and supporting learners professionally and privately since 1987.  As a result, all of the studio activities are designed with the best interests of kids in mind. Those activities include cognitive types of learning thru play activities in the form of group sessions and series. They are designed for all learners, including home-school kids who are looking for specific academic and social/emotional learning activities that will support healthy development. The general concept of The Storybook Studio is based partly on research-based studies published by renowned psychologists including: the developmental theories of Piaget; the constructivist theory of Bruner and the important impact of social interaction, as described by Vgofsky. A variety of learning opportunities can be developed for all kids.

Browse through the activities to see what is being offered currently and possibly in the future.. 


M.Ed., Educational Supervision

M.A., Educational Technology

M.S., Psych. (Applied Behavior Analysis)

B.A., Health & Safety Studies

A.A., Communications

Diploma, Respiratory Therapy

30+ Years of
Service to Kids

Public School District Director

County Public School Principal / Coordinator

Online School CA region Interim Principal 

Elementary School Assistant Principal

Public School Curriculum Specialist

Teacher On Special Assignment

Court Schools Teacher

Elementary Classroom Teacher

Secondary Classroom Teacher

County Educational Liaison (Foster Youth)

Child Advocate

Behavior Coach

Small Business Owner

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