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Kids in Preschool
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Closed during the pandemic . . . . . Returning soon to a


The Storybook Studio
for Kids

An Approved Home-School Vendor 

Committed to Making a Difference In The Lives of All Kids

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Miss Dorene's Storybook Studio provides a safe, cozy creative experience

where kids can discover, imagine, improve or create their own life stories

through cognitive types of play, engaging learning experiences, literature and/or specialized behavior coaching. The pre-scheduled activities and programs are designed to support academics, social/emotional learning, healthy development and positive behavior.

Miss Dorene's goal is to make a positive difference in the lives of kids,

as they grow into bright-minded, confident individuals.


The mission of the Storybook Studio for Kids is to provide learners with safe, fun, and engaging experiences thru discovery, design and creativity. Miss Dorene offers STEAM (Science, technology, engineering, arts, math) activities integrated thru literature. With small pre-scheduled groups and hands-on sessions, learners can also develop healthy social skills as they

“learn through play.”

Miss Dorene is committed to empowering children

of all backgrounds and abilities to discover their natural gifts and ultimately

reach their full potential.

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